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Bioloark's first landscaping competition was grandly held

Issuing time:2021-04-26 16:07Author:Bioloark

The first Bioloark landscaping competition was grandly held during the China (Shandong) International Pet Aquarium Products Exhibition from May 7th to 8th in Shandong Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center (Jinan Huaiyin District). The competition invited a number of well-known celebrities in the landscaping industry and teachers with rich experience in landscaping training.

Tournament schedule

Competition award setting:

1 first prize-3000 yuan + trophy

1 second prize-2000 yuan + trophy

2 third prizes-1,000 yuan + trophy

All other participants can obtain a certificate of completion

Contest process

May 7

13:30-13:40 Welcome speech (Li Bin-General Manager of Shandong Xizun)

13:40-14:20 Product introduction (Lecturer Ye Zilong)

14:20-15:00 Basic Theory of Landscape Architecture (Lecturer Zhang Xiaoming)

15:00-15:20 Demonstration of landscaping practice teaching (Lecturer Zhang Xiaoming)

15:30-16:40 Ecological bottle landscaping practice (guidance by judges)

16:40-17:00 Scoring by judges

May 8

9:00-11:30 Eco-ball landscaping practice (guidance by judges)

11:30-12:00 Scoring by judges


Total score = Eco bottle landscape score + Eco ball landscape score


You can be a landscaping novice, we provide zero-based landscaping training courses

You can also be a landscaping god, we provide a series of biological ark products, allowing you to experience an unusual landscaping experience

Contest location

Shandong Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center (Huaiyin District, Jinan)

Competition venue

The event venue covers an area of 135 square meters

Judge introduction

Ye Qian

Screen name: Ye Zilong

Well-known big coffee in the aquarium circle

The design director of Bioloark, the co-founder of the Bioloark brand, has extensive product design experience and has successfully launched many products.

2020 Shandong Xizun Trading Co., Ltd.--Technical Director

Beijing Jingu Culture Communication Co., Ltd.--General Manager

Jinan Ornamental Fish Industry Association--Vice President

Guangzhou Maiguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.--Senior Consultant

Lishui Runsheng Moss Technology Co., Ltd.--Senior Consultant

Shandong Haimofang Aquarium Technology Co., Ltd.--Founder

Shandong University Tianyu Technology Development Company--Technical Director

Zhang Xiaoming

Lao Zhang, the founder of Charles Micronature, nicknamed Koala, graduated from architectural design major. He has accumulated a lot of experience in landscape design and store operation for 23 years, and he has unique insights into the future development of the aquarium industry.

2015-2016-Twice invited to do waterscape special programs for Central Seven Station

2016--Interview with "Aquatic Life"

2017-Participated in the design, construction and operation of the largest pet experience hall in China's large-scale comprehensive commercial complex

2018-2019-Water Dance World, a well-known Chinese aquascape landscaping company, invited lecturer for landscape training

2020--Bioloark Chief Landscaper, Bioloark Landscape Training Lecturer

Chen Youlin (Taiwan, China)

Master of Taiwan Chiao Tung University

Current DR.TANK tank expert and R&D director

Microelectronics Engineer (11 years)

China Fishery Association Aquatic Association Aquatic Plant Landscape Branch-Vice President

Crazy Scene Talk/Aquatic Plant Landscape Training--Lecturer

Major Aquatic Plants (IIAC/Great Wall Cup CIAC/NCAC...) Competition-Judges

2006 ADA Landscape Competition Champion

Zuo Mingchao

Founder of Water Dance World

Shuiwu Tianxia Aquarium Products Co., Ltd., whose factory is located in Foshan, Guangdong, is headquartered in Beijing. It has held landscaping training courses many times and has very rich and mature training experience. Water Dance World has the most complete production line of landscape products in China.

Water Dance World Aquarium Lighting Factory

Water Dance World Landscape Material Factory

Water Dance World Bottom Cabinet Manufacturing Factory

Water Dance World Student Franchisee Training Base

Water Dance World Moss Cultivation Base

Water Dancing World Cornucopia Sino-Malaysian Joint Venture Sekisui Pineapple Breeding Base

Water Dance World TSR Hong Kong Shang Shiquan Aquarium Products Factory

Simple brother

Founder of Simple Brother Waterscape Alliance

Has long been engaged in ecological landscape design training and has rich experience in landscaping training.

Especially in waterscape design.

Newly invited judges

Jiang Jindong

Chief Landscape Architect of China Sensen Group

More than 20 years of experience in aquascape landscaping, all-round practitioners, have been involved in various fields of sea water, reptiles, water scenery, water and land, and rain forests.

Member of the earliest super-white tank R&D team in mainland China, large-scale construction supervision for the aquarium industry, and participation in many large-scale rainforest construction projects across the country

Served as external technical guidance for multiple aquarium manufacturers

The first instructor of rainforest and water and land landscape training in mainland China, and a teacher of judges for aquascape competition

Participate in editing China's first professional journal on rainforest plants

Unique in system settings, equipment matching selection, and intelligent applications in this industry field

This competition has attracted a lot of big names in the aquarium industry, with generous bonuses, who can learn about the Bioloark series of products and enjoy a unique landscaping experience. If your heart is not as good as your action, join it now!

For registration, please contact: Manager Ye: 13065010266 (same as WeChat)

(Prepaid registration fee of 500 yuan for registration, and return it upon arrival)

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