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Brand Promotion | Meet—Bioloark

Issuing time:2021-09-15 15:50Author:苔藓先生

Between the world of life, if there is a gap between Baiju, it is suddenly gone.

The mentality has always been very young, but his temples have gradually turned white. Suddenly, he is the year of fate.

Those dreams when they were young do not know where they have gone with the passage of time.

Along the way, I am grateful to everyone I met, no matter at the peak or the trough, thank you for your company.

Different age groups in life have to do different things! The colorful dream of chasing the ocean when he was young, but when he was old, he gradually liked the verdant green in the mountains and forests. So a new brand was designed:

BIOLOARK means "Biological Ark" in Chinese. Many people like ornamental fish and flowers and plants. From the moment we buy them, we determine their future destiny. Many human settlements are not suitable for the growth of these creatures. BIOLOARK aims to provide them with a good living space.

I originally did a central air-conditioning design, and later I designed many aquariums and plant breeding facilities. These designs all have one thing in common, that is, how to integrate living things and space.

The design of residential environment, fresh water environment and plant environment must follow certain design rules. If designing a plant breeding space, it is necessary to understand the light, temperature, water, air and other factors needed for plant growth.

I am an enthusiast. I have been obsessed with this industry for more than 20 years because of my hobby. I have integrated my understanding of biology over the years in the design. I hope that everyone can avoid the detours we have gone through, so that everyone can simply Can appreciate the natural beauty of creatures.

The life of modern people is too oppressive. Biological Ark is a good decompression product. I hope it can enter our lives.

Pursue the pleasure of nature

Integrating Biology and space

Sunlight / air / water / soil

nurtures the vigorous life

Biological ark in noisy concrete jungle.

Pursue the joy of nature

Let biology and space merge


Nurturing a vigorous life

The biological ark in the noisy concrete jungle

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