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Bioloark2020CIPS International Pet Aquarium Show First Replay

Issuing time:2020-11-21 15:31Author:Bioloark

The annual CIPS International Aquarium Exhibition was held as scheduled in the beautiful Yangcheng Guangzhou. Affected by the new crown epidemic this year, the passenger flow of this exhibition has dropped considerably, but the high-profile international aquarium exhibition still attracts a large number of aquarium exhibitors And the participation of aquarium lovers. Good brands and good products come with their own traffic. Bioloar, as a brand new brand in the aquarium industry, left an unforgettable experience for many aquarium enthusiasts at this exhibition and deeply moved many professional audiences.

As the pace of society is accelerating, people’s life pressure and work pressure are becoming more and more serious. Biological Ark is a product that allows people to sit down and think, stop and rest, including every designer in Bioloark, Every structural engineer is working hard to polish this product that has made many people intoxicated, so that consumers can easily feel the charm of nature.

Bioloark advocates the concept of integrating nature into life. At this exhibition, Bioloark has ecological ball series, ecological bottle series, and aquarium filter materials, which injects vitality into this exhibition in many ways, and makes the quiet 2020 aquarium market see hope. It's like meeting an aquatic clan who I have never met before but who seem to have known each other. It seems that this is what the aquarium should be, breaking the tradition and constantly innovating. Use more design concepts to let every aquarist feel the vigorous vitality in the industry

Among the many brands, Bioloark is like a teenager. He is young, energetic, and carries the aquarium, but it is not limited to the traditional aquarium. He is a brand new brand and a brand that fans love. At this exhibition It can be seen from the passenger flow that Bioloark is a brand that many fans look forward to.

During the exhibition, many agents and enthusiasts expressed their love for the two series of ecological balls and ecological bottles, and they are willing to promote them online and offline in many ways, so that more people can feel the beautiful feelings that nature brings to people. Let more consumers feel the taste of nature in the home office environment.

The Bioloark ecological ball series integrates a new design concept, which can realize full-bionic functions such as atomization and humidification, full-spectrum lighting, automatic light control, air circulation, etc., so that your favorite plants can be taken care of by the power of science and technology, so can Xiaobai Easily deal with different plant landscapes, greatly reducing the barriers to entry. Bioloak looks forward to meeting everyone, feeling the charm of nature together, and enjoying the fusion of nature and a better life.


Let nature into life

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