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A touch of green in busy life-Bioloark

Issuing time:2020-11-21 14:17Author:海精灵

This time, CIPS2020 Sea Spirit introduced a lot of seawater equipment manufacturers. The editor visited several major venues to find a non-seawater circle eye-catching Bioloark.

Nowadays, people have a fast pace of work and life pressure is relatively high. Many people keep pets such as aquariums, cats and dogs at home. Bioloark is an emerging decompression product regardless of age and gender.



The Chinese translation of Bioloark is Biological Ark, which is derived from the design of cross-border swordsmanship by Ye Qian, a well-known master in the seawater circle. Considering that our existing home environment may not fully meet the needs of biological growth, Bioloark is committed to creating a suitable living space for creatures, integrating the light, temperature, water, and air they need into a small space. among.

At present, Bioloark has two series of products, one is the simpler eco-bottle, and the other is the smarter eco-ball.




The ecological ball is a relatively intelligent automatic control device. It uses full-spectrum LEDs to provide the light required for plant growth, and is equipped with the functions of atomization, moisturizing and ventilation equipped with the ecological ball to meet the needs of different organisms.

Eco bottle



The equipment of the ecological bottle is simplified. The designer integrates various materials such as moss, ferns, pumice, humus, and green plants into glass containers of different shapes, and then matches them with suitable light to create a green scene. Spring scenery.

What do you think of the Bioloark products introduced in this issue? If you feel the same as the editor, please leave your feelings and thoughts in the message area.

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